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Jabatan Kerja Raya has handled on diverse aspects of life of Malaysians since 100 years ago. JKR has endowed with infrastructure anda better atmosphere for day by day life. JKR was also trustworthy for building roads as a way to communicate that which is the main mechanism in the socio-economic expansion of the country. In addition, the JKR is also reliable for providing clean and safe water to get going a clean and healthy citizen. In order to establish the nation, which symbolizes the architectural aspects and cultural heritage of the people of Malaysia have never forgotten. Therefore, somebuildings constructed were acknowledged as a landmark in our country. We are proud to be a contributor in the development of Malaysia.


How it started. . .

Hugh Low Street, Ipoh

Jabatan Kerja Raya was established in 1872 and is leaded by Major J.F.A McNair.

The events that directed to the establishment of the JKR began in early 1872 when the British East India Company - the trade between England, India, and China - require a secure station to improve their trading ships. They discovered Penang to be suitable for this purpose due to its strategic spot. In 1786, they influenced the Sultan to liberate the rights on Penang to their companies. They managed to acquire Penang in 1791 over and done with an agreement. In 1825, through Anglo-Dutch Treaty, Malacca was returned to the British in exchange for Bencoolen. In 1819, Rafel made agreement with Sultan Hussein and Temenggong Abdul Rahman to British in order to get rights over Singapore. Three of these areas (Penang, Malacca, and Singapore) led to the establishment of Straits Settlements in 1826.

Other reasons that led the British to govern the province as Tanah Melayu is rich int inand planting soilis fertile. Road paving when the Pangkor Engagement(1874) added the British influence in Tanah Melayu.Throughout the year, they intended to make in road in Perak, Selangor, and Negeri Sembilan. Hence, a discussion was held in order to persuade the Malay rulers by their Residents and Subordiante Officers to consult and advice. Thereafter, the resident system arrives inPahang. In 1896, the system was administered centrally in Kuala Lumpur. All four states and KualaLumpur were known as Tanah Melayu Bersekutu.



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